Bookings for 2021 started...

SAUNA directly on your pitch? POSSIBLE!

It is finally starting to feel like summer in the Tatras, but evenings and nights are usually cold all year round. Could there be anything better than warming up and relax in a heated sauna right on your plot after a day spent up in the mountains ?! You can cool down directly in Studený potok, if you dare so. 

We can order and prepare a mobile sauna anytime directly on your plot at a time that suits you. All you need to do is just let us know and bring a towel :)

We tried the sauna ourselves and fully recommend it ... It is your turn now :) Sounds good, right ?


Please welcome our new Leharo-plan! 

Pitches are differred by colour according to size (number of pitches is limited, so it is always better to make advanced-booking if you want to be sure to get the one that suits you best.)

Each pitch has its own 16A connection for electricity and drinking water, to which you can connect directly. Therefore, you won't need any long extension cords or water bands. In the coming days, common sanitary facilities (2x shower, 6x toilet) will be completed and they will be available to you as soon as the covid-restrictions losen.

Prices on L and M pitches remain the same as last year (19e / night), plots XL will be for 25e / night.

We already have several reservations for the summer, so there is no need to wait and start filling the diaries with beautiful holiday plans. Come on. It doesn't cost anything, we don't charge cancellation :)

16A electricity plugs for each pitch included in price

One of the biggest news for season 2021 is brand new electrical wiring directly to each pitch. 

You don't have to worry about extension cords, or be afraid whether your coffee maker will "explode" while blow-drying your hair. Each plot has its own 16-A circuit breaker, so it never happens that if the neighbor turn his jacuzzi-on, the whole camp is without the power :)

Our year 2020

While we prepare for You 

- Leharo camping -

Let us offer you pitches for rent to park your caravans or mobile homes. Minimal size of the plot is 150 m2.

The parcels for rent have direct electrical and drinkable water connection and wastewater service. 

All pitches have panoramic views of the High Tatras.

We value our guests´ privacy while visiting us, therefore the number of the pitches in the campsite is limited. The position and an access to Leharo camping is highly attractive. It spreads on a beautiful meadow, located in the village of Stará Lesná, in between its inhabited part and the hotel part. There are plenty of restaurants, swimming pools, wellness and other activities in a walking distance. The location offers perfect possibilities for cycling, hiking, skiing, etc. but we will be delighted if you come to us "just" to relax. In fact, do You know what is the casual meaning of "leharo"? It is relief, chill, rest... Nature surrounding the campsite will provide you with all the necessary - peace and quiet. There is a spring of Studený Potok (stemming up high in the mountains and collecting water from the waterfalls) running directly under the campsite and it will cool You down perfectly on hot summer days. 

Don´t be surprised when meeting our regular dear-deer guests and be aware when spotting the storks circling above Your heads. An old legend says that the storks bring babies and we have had some three storks landing at the place already :D In addition, the panorama of the High Tatras is really calming, Lomnicky Peak will be your direct companion at Your coffee-breaks. Make sure You do not forget to pack your binoculars... And if You still do, we will be happy to borrow You ours.