Relax park "Jazierko" 

Tatranská Lomnica

Very nice relax park to spend a half-a-day or just stop by for refreshments after a hike. 

Pack your roller skates, scooters, tricycles and other sports equipment or rent them at the place. 

Play minigolf, try the Spider park or rent a boat around the mini pond. 

The restaurant is known for its delicious pancakces 

The place is 5 minutes drive from Leharo or you can also easily bike or walk here (4km).

Please check the opening hours before your visit.

Štrbské pleso

The highest settlement in the High Tatras (1,346 m above sea level) is a tourist must-see. Very beautiful and popular among the tourists but the locals too.

Whether you decide to take a relaxing walk or a several-hour hike, everything is possible. Just pick :)

Do you prefer to sport ? Skiing, mountaineering or running, no problem. 

From Leharo to Štrbské pleso it is only a 22 km route by car, but you can also get there by tram and believe me, it worth visiting.

Popradské pleso

Popradské pleso is located in the valley Mengusovska dolina at an altitude of 1500 m. Next to the lake there is a mountain hotel Horský hotel Popradské pleso and a chalet Majlathova chata. A short 30 min. hike from the lake will take you to a well-known cemetery dedicated to those people who died in the High Tatras - Symbolický cintorín. The easiest way to get to the tarn is from the tram stop Popradské pleso with the blue marked trail (1h:15 min.) or from Štrbské pleso following the red marked trail (1h:30min.)

Hiking tips from Popradské pleso.

From Leharo to Popradské pleso it is only a 20 km route by car, but you can also get there by tram and believe me, it worth visiting.

Starý Smokovec - the lookout and the Calvary

The lookout at Pekná vyhliadka can be found near Smokovecká kyselka spring well above Starý Smokovec. Several undemanding routes lead to it. The lookout is equipped with a wooden, covered gazebo with seating.

The ascent can also be combined with a walk to a calvary, which also leads to the outlook. 

The highest located calvary in Central Europe is not being a traditional one, but rather an original artistic expression of the professional Slovak and Polish artists (2010 - 2013), symbolizing a tribute to our mountains

For map + details please click here.

From Leharo to Starý Smokovec it is only a 7km route by car, but you can also get there by tram.

Hrebienok - Rainerova chata

Among the most popular Tatra-walks belongs a comfortable trail (also suitable for wheelchairs) from Starý Smokovec through Hrebienok to Rainer-hut - the oldest chalet in the High Tatras. 

It is located in Malá Studená dolina and you can reach by a green trail in about 20 minutes. You can also combine the trip with the walk to the Studený potok waterfalls - located only a few minutes from Rainer's hut, or return the same way.

Waterfalls and Cascades of Studený Potok

The lower part of Studený potok (the "cold stream") is passing by Leharo therefore it would be shame to miss its upper - more beautiful part. 

The stream flows through a huge terrain break and creates beautiful cascades, especially nice when the snow is melting in the spring or after heavy rains when the water level is high. 

There are several marked hiking trails along the waterfalls.

Stará Lesná - Astronomical Educational Trail

The Astronomical Institute in Stará Lesná is hidden among the trees, but we definitely recommend a visit to our small guests who are curious about space. You can get inside the institute only in larger groups (by prior-booking) or during the open day but an educational trail around the institute is freely accessible for everybody all year round. 

The trail contains 13 panels with the most important information not only about the instrumentation of the Astronomical Institute but also about celestial bodies. It starts at the main building of the institute and ends at the last dome with binoculars. 

Easily accessible from Leharo - only a 15-minute walk by a marked cycle path (direction Tatranská Lomnica). 

For the details click here please.

Tatranská Lomnica - Botanical garden 

(Exposition of Tatra Nature)

In the Botanical Garden visitors can admire some 270 species of Tatra plants inhabiting various habitats covering an area of 3,2 hectares. Some can be bought in the form of seedlings or seeds. 

The Exhibition of Tatra Nature also has a small geological area, several beautiful lakes or a memorial place dedicated to those who promoted and implemented the idea of the Tatra National Park.

The exposition is only open seasonally from mid-May to September daily from 9.00 to 17.00 and is easily accessible from leharo_camping by bike or on foot.

Make sure to check the opening hours before visiting.

Educational Trail PRAMENISKO - Tatranská Lominca

Unique national nature reserve (the area with the highest level of protection) with an almost 3,5-kilometer long loop walk that starts next to the Botanical garden in Tatranská Lomnica.

It belongs to the list of 72 nationally significant wetlands and is a part of the network of European important habitats Natura 2000 in the category of montane and submontane alluvial forests.

Therelare two observation platforms along the trail, which allow visitors to observe the surroundings almost from a bird's perspective. The walkways are made of wooden boards to comfortably walk in otherwise difficult to navigate wet environments. At the beginning and end of the trail are information materials in a wooden box for German and English speaking tourists that can be borrowed.

The trail is accessible all year round but it is definitely better to visit the trail during the vegetation period of plants, which will enhance the experience of visiting the trail.

If you combine the walk with a visit to the TANAP Museum and Botanical Gardens, the half-day program is guaranteed.

It should be taken into account that the route is not specially marked so you would better study the map before hand or have google at hand :)

If you combine the walk with a visit to the TANAP Museum and Botanical Gardens, the half-day program is guaranteed.

For more details, please click here.

Monte Móry

Štrbské pleso 


A walk to Móry's viewpoint in Štrbské Pleso is ideal for lazy days or as a nice ending of your day-out.

Easy 15-minute climb to the hill above Nové Štrbské pleso with a great panorama and an excellent café. Stop there, You will not regret it.

Check the opening hours here before visiting here.

SKOK waterfall - Štrbské pleso

A simple hike to the largest waterfall in the High Tatras is considered to be the easiest of the mountain-hikes, so you can easily take your mini-tourists with you. A one-and-a-half-hour walk with a minimum elevation gain leads through the valley Mlynická dolina by a gentle climb, first through a forest, then a rocky trail with a view of the surrounding peaks.

Starting point is at Štrbské Pleso (get there either by tram or by car). The route is accessible all year round.

Please click here for a hike profile and a map.

Štrbské pleso - Predné Solisko

Very light half-day trip. Starting at Štrbské pleso either by cable car or on foot (approx. 2 hours) to Chata pod Soliskom and from there the red trail continues to Predné Solisko ( 40 min.).

Wonderful views of the whole of Štrbské Pleso, Kriváň and its surroundings guaranteed. 

Any kid can manage!

Please click here for a hike profile and a map.

Chata Plesnivec

Easy pleasant hike suitable also for families with children. Starting in Tatranská Kotlina (accessible by bus or by car) by the hiking trail with wide, steep and also narrower forest parts. This way we continue gradually climbing all the way to the chalet.

We can return by a trail leading through the valley Dolina siedmych prameňov  - little steeper trail but with more beautiful views.

The trail is open all year-round.


Lomnické sedlo

The roof of the Tatras at an altitude of 2190 meters is an amazing lookout point. In winter, skilled skiers come here on the steepest black piste with an incredible view of the entire Poprad basin. On the opposite - western side we have a small Cold Valley with Téry's cottage. It is not uncommon to spot chamois here. You can take it all the way up by cable car from Tatranská Lomnica, which is a beautiful trip for children or less mobile people. 

The Veľká Lomnická veža (Great Lomnica Tower) is only a half-an-hour walk from the cable car. If the weather is good, you will be captivated! We promise.

Skalnatá chata

All year round open mountain hut at an altitude of 1,751 m above sea level lies directly on the Tatra magistrala ("highway"). 

In its immediate neighbourhood, the longest Tatra ski slope from Lomnické sedlo (2,190 m above sea level) to Tatranská Lomnica (888 m above sea level) is passing by so more comfortable tourists can take a cable car to get here. 

Nice stop with an even more beautiful view of the Poprad basin.


Skalnaté pleso

Also called Lomnické pleso (1751 m) - located directly below Lomnický štít is one of the most visited. 

You can get here comfortably by cable car, all year round or by foot either from Hrebienok through Zamkovského chata by red trail or from Chata pri Zelenom plese through Veľká Svišťovka also by red trail.

 It can be easily combined, for example, with a trip to Lomnický štít or to Lomnické sedlo.

Check the details here please.

Lomnický štít (Lomnický peak)

The second highest peak of the High Tatras - Lomničák (2632 m) belongs to the most famous and popular peaks. From up above it is possible to spot Leháro.

It is accessible by cable car from Skalnate pleso, which has been operating here since 1941. (Due to its capacity, the tickets needs to be bought in advance.) If you dare, you can also climb Lomničák with a mountain guide. 

Buy your tickets here.

Wolker's lakes, Tatranská Polianka

The lakes named after the Czech poet Jiri Wolker who was treated for tuberculosis in a local sanatorium. 

These two small connected lakes with a small bridge and a beautiful view of Gerlachovský štít are located near the sanatorium in Tatranská Polianka (about 100 metres).

For route please click here

Alpine chalets

Tourist trails in the High Tatras can take you to 13 alpine chalets, which offer breathtaking views of beautiful peaks, large valleys or sky blue tarns.

List of all available huts by clicking on the title.