camp equipment

In addition to our basic equipment, such as a chemical toilet and gray water sewage, we offer to our guests: 

  • a dishwashing sink
  • a refrigerator and
  • a washing machine
  • a dryer
  • Although Leharo is not large and spacious, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone. No need to worry about getting bored :)

    For small campers, there is a huge trampoline, a sandpit with toys, a slide, soccer field, badminton, kites, bubble makers, chalks for drawing etc.

    Use of the playground and trampoline is entirely at your own risk. Maximum of 2 children (up to 150 kg) without shoes (food, animals and other objects) on the trampoline.

    Please watch over your children and ensure that after use they return the borrowed toys undamaged to their place.

    Ideal playground for children and adults all year round is "our" Leharo beach" - clear water directly up from the mountain stream - Studený potok.

    The name of the stream - meaning COLD STREAM is not accidental - grab a towel and check it yourself :) 

    Could there be anything better than relax after your hike in a heated sauna right beside your camper?! May you dare, you can cool down directly in the cool mountain stream Studeny potok right beside Leharo. 

    The temperature at sauna can be regulated so that it is suitable for everyone. Children tend to enjoy the sauna as well.

    We can deliver and prepare the mobile sauna directly to your pitch at your desired time. We will heat it up for you, scent it with essential oils and even lend you the sheets. All You need to do is to hop-in and enjoy the health benefits :)

    The sauna tends to be rather "busy" at certain days, so we definitely recommend booking it in advance.

    We try to separate the waste in Leharo (including organic waste) as much as we can. Thank you for participating.

    Trash cans and containers for recycled and organic waste can be found at designated place.

    Please take bulky garbage (such as large cardboard boxes, broken camping furniture, inflatables, etc.) with you.

    Especially at night, we ask you not to leave leftover food as well as any other garbage freely available outside - we eliminate the visit of animals.

    Within walking distance from the campsite there are several possibilites where they serve food and drinks. 

    A little family snack-bar with a very friendly atmosphere will host you with drinks and homemade snacks (approx. 150m from Leharo).

    It takes 10 minutes by foot to the newly opened excellent restaurant Famosa, which we also recommend.

    Both are open daily until 10 p.m.