— about us —

Who we are? First of all, we are camping and caravanning fans. Few years ago, we - Michaela and Peter decided to turn our meadow below the Tatras into a temporary home for our fellow caravaners. And what a good decision that was!

We have plenty of plans (more than enough)We have been building our mini-campsite by ourselves - step by step with love and within the time and financial possibilities of our family.  

Our family project has been named #leharocamping, because we would love everyone to relax, chill and gain the necessary energy at our place. 

Since we have three school-aged children (Stela, Hugo, Oskar) and other business too, work on the site is often carried out at a "leisurely" pace. We prioritize the construction of necessary stuff and step by step improve other things.

Leharo is our "heart-thing" (though sometimes also hard-thing:)) - our goal is not to over-burst the meadow - we rather follow the philosophy of "less is more". The number of places on the site is limited, so you don't have to worry about your privacy and comfort at all. You will not share it with anyone (if you do not want to), pitches are spacious enough for larger caravans.

The surrounding #nature only intensifies the idyll of peace and quiet, but nevertheless, civilization - if anyone misses it - is within reach ❤️,

We very much appreciate the patience and support of each one of you and thank you for it and will be very happy to meet you in person.