Construction of new cycle paths around the Tatras has been in progress for several years now. Among the most popular ones belongs the path from Spišská Belá to Tatranská Kotlina and further - it is several kilometers long, but with almost no elevation. 

If you are in a good condition - there is more difficult ones leading e.g. to the Chalet at Zelené pleso (tarn), Hrebienok, mountain hotel Slieszky dom or Popradské pleso (tarn). All of them are worth visiting with the most beautiful views.

We also like the path from Stará Lesná to Tatranská Lomnica very much. Take your kids for ice cream - they can make it too. It is only some 3 kilometres far. 

For interactive cycle-map please click here

For the list of 39 recommended cycle routes (more than 300 km of marked cycling trails) along the Tatra region please click here.

Hot air balloon flight over Tatras 

Ballooning over the High Tatras must be definitely an unforgettable experience. We actually still lack the courage for such an experience, but we often admire balloons from the far with the feet securely anchored to the ground.

If you are interested, we will be glad to organize the adventure for you. 

Horse riding

If you wish to ride horses, click on the title.


Golf, minigolf, indoor golf - all sorts possible - please click on the title.

Perfect climate and altitudes guarantee great conditions for professional as well recreational sportsmen to enjoy a great run in fresh air and improve their performance. Those who prefer active holidays and like relaxing with sports can choose from the running tracks after clicking on title.

Circuits of short and long walks for Nordic walking or just ordinary walks will open for you after clicking on the title.

In-line skating

Tracks ideal for in-line skating after clicking on the title.


There are 18 stylish rowing boats made of wood and 1 sports rowing boat at disposal, all prepared at a new pier with a beautiful view of the Tatra peaks. Have a special experience and hire a private rower. Boating on the tarn: daily between 9:00 - 17.00 (during the summer season)

Rope parks

Rope parks for adults and children by clicking on the title.


Tatrabob roller coaster is in operation since 2004. It allows rides throughout all Year. There are brakes mounted to the bobsled and You can easily control the speed. 

Mountain carts and scooters

  • Great fun
  • Easy to control
  • Safety elements included in the price