Spišská Sobota

Spišská Sobota is visually the most beautiful and historically most important part of town Poprad. (The first written mention dates back to 1256.)

The most important monument of the square is St. George's church where you can find the main altar by famous Master Paul of Levoča. In fact, there is not much "to do" in Spišská Sobota, but a pleasant walk and beautiful photos are guaranteed. There are few restaurants and cafes there too...

It is only 13 kilometres far from Leharo. Doesn't it sound good ?


Levoča is not an ordinary historic town. The square has been listed in a UNESCO World Heritage Site for 30 years now. It is nicely renovated and can be beautifully seen from the church tower (219 steps).

Apart of the precious altar by Master Paul, one of the highlights definitely is the cage of shame placed on the main square. The cage was often used to punish women who appeared in the streets unaccompanied by a man after the lamps were lit.

From Leharo to Levoča, it is about half-an-hour drive and we recommend to combine it with a visit to Spiš Castle.


First stop - breathtaking Wooden Articular Church (over 300 years old) listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Make sure not to miss it. 

The second stop - next door - a large red church.

The third stop - the Evangelical Lyceum Library. The school was attended by several "celebrities" from the Slovak history (Hviezdoslav, Kukučín, etc.) 

Last stop - Kežmarok Castle in the town-centre with many expositions and unforgettable theatre performances during the summer nights.

It is only 12 km from us to Kežmarok, stop by.